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Why do we like Australia?

“Do you like Australia?” that is the most common question we’ve been answering for last years. Asked by our family and friends, newly met people and even Australian strangers. The answer is always the same – we genuine love it!

Green nectarine smoothie/Koktajl z nektarynką

Nectarine smoothie

What’s the perfect way to start a day? Green smoothie! Nothing beats a huge vitamin bomb, giving your body energy early in the morning.

Placuszki ze słodkich ziemniaków/Sweet potato pancakes

Sweet potato pancakes with baked cabbage and bacon

I can easily say, sweet potato is the one of my favourite veggies. I use it so often in my kitchen. Not only for its delicious taste, but also because it is really healthy. Just imagine how happy I was, when my kitchen experiment, involving sweet potatoes, was successful. This time pancakes were my target. Result, simply marvellous! Cannot recommend enough 🙂

Mashed sweet potatoes/Puree z batatów

Mashed sweet potatoes/Sweet potato purée

Sweet potatoes are an amazing alternative for normal potatoes. Besides being an awesome source of carbohydrates and fiber, they are very nutritious. Did you know, that 100 g of sweet potatoes satisfies your daily need of vitamin A? They also contain vitamin C, B5, B6, iron and manganese. And what’s best, they have amazing flavour. Today, I present you a recipe for a sweet potato puree.

Pieczona kapusta/Baked cabbage

Baked cabbage

Getting bored with all these repetitive sides? How long can you eat a salad or potatoes 😉 I have for you a delicious idea for a veggie side, made from a baked cabbage. Dead simple, nutritious and exquisite. Highly recommend!

Owsianka marchewkowa/Carrot porridge

Carrot porridge

Looking for warming breakfast for colder morning? Carrot porridge will be ideal for you. Aromatic and nourishing meal is one of the best thing that can happen to you in the morning. Thanks to the carrot and a pinch of cinammon the porridge is sweet enough and does not require any additional sweetnes. Finish with favourite nuts and voila!