Sweet treats

Bezglutenowe pierniczki/Gluten-free gingerbread cookies
Sweet treats

Gluten-free gingerbread cookies

Anyone with Christmas gingerbread cookies still on “to-do” list? Looking for a quick and easy recipe? Happy to help! Some almond meal, honey and spices, and we will do fine. This recipe is ideal if your guests are on gluten-free and diary-free diet. Swapping the honey for some maple syrup will […]
Czekoladowe choinki z nutką pomarańczy/Chocolate Christmas Trees with a hint of orange
Sweet treats

Chocolate Christmas Trees with a hint of orange

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s about time to start thinking about the menu. What could be more festive than little Christmas tree cakes? With healthy and guilt-free option of course. Sponge is gluten-free. It has an amazing chocolate flavour with a hint of orange, such an amazing duet. […]
Babeczki cytrynowo-kokosowe nadziewane dżemem truskawkowym/Lemon coconut cupcakes with strawberry jam
Sweet treats

Lemon coconut cupcakes with strawberry jam

Lemon coconut cupcakes are a perfect dessert for lemon fans. These beauties are dense and moist like a sponge cake. Plus, they are really refreshing. You can taste an amazing mix of sour and sweet flavour coming from lemon and coconut. They are absolutely delicious. Especially with strawberry jam that brings it […]
Dyniowe czekoladki/Pumpkin chocolate fudge
Sweet treats

Pumpkin chocolate fudge

Recently in terms of recipes the blog got a little bit rusty. It doesn’t mean my kitchen was collecting dust all that time. There were lots of culinary experiments and I can’t wait to share them with you. All recipes are quite unique, not boring at all, I promise. To start with I thought […]
Snickers bliss balls/Kulki mocy o smaku snickersa
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Snickers bliss balls

Peanut butter and chocolate are one of the things everyone loves. Are you having some guests at your place and you want to prepare some delicious and easy dessert? My vote goes to snickers bliss balls : ) I guarantee that everyone is going to love them. These snickers bliss […]
Galaretki o smaku mango z kokosem/Mango coconut gummies
Recipes, Sweet treats

Mango coconut gummies

Homemade gummies are a great alternative to store-bought lollies which are packed full of sugar and artificial dyes. The main ingredient of healthy gummies is an underestimated gelatin. Did you know that it is actually a “superfood”? You can flavour this wonderful treat to your liking and only imagination is a limit. I do […]
Czekoladowe kulki mocy/Chocolate bliss balls
Sweet treats

Chocolate bliss balls

Chocolatey and insanely delicious, these healthy Chocolate Bliss Balls are vegan and paleo! And you know what? They are made with only FOUR ingredients! You also need just a few minutes to make these blissful snacks.

Migdałowo-czekoladowa przekąska z jabłkiem/Almond chocolate apple snack
Sweet treats

Almond chocolate apple snack

I discovered this genius snack during my class about nutrition and healthy food. The recipe for almond chocolate apple snack was given to us by one of my teachers who also was kind enough to let us try it. I just needed one bite and… I felt in love with this apple […]