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Pizza bezglutenowa/Gluten-free pizza

Gluten-free pizza

A good recipe for gluten-free pizza is literally priceless. To get one, which doesn’t taste like a cardboard, it’s a huge challenge. My version of pizza had to be prepared without yeast, sugar or gluten.

Koktajl z kurkumą mango i warzywami/Mango veggies smoothie with turmeric

Smoothie with turmeric, mango and veggies

Today, I have for you an idea for smoothie with turmeric. Yes, no typos there, with turmeric! This spice has wonderful healing properties. For instance it has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activities. Just another great reason to introduce it to your diet.

Masło orzechowe/Cashew nut butter

Homemade cashew butter

Although you can get nut butter in most supermarkets, usually it is not only nuts, but also sugar, emulsifiers and other not so healthy ingredients. It’s easier to control what goes in it when you make it at home. Besides, this is way cheaper, very easy to prepare and you need only one ingredient!

Pyszna lekka sałatka/Delicious light salad

Delicious light salad

It is not a secret, that veggies should be a main component of our diet. But what does “main component” mean? Should I eat them with all my meals? Well the answer is: yes! At least try to make that happen.

Sugar-free blueberry jam

Usually most traditional jams contain sugar. However when you bite into a fresh fruit, do you feel you need to add any sweetener? Don’t you just like eating the fruit as it is? I do 🙂 That is why I decided to create my own version of sugar-free jam. In the recipe I used blueberries, but wild blueberries will work as well. You can use it to top porridges, scones, yoghurt and even cakes.

Healthy rafaello

Recently everyone from my college class was asked to bring something to eat for the last day of the course. I’m studying nutritional therapies so without a doubt it needed to be super healthy. Of course being me, I’ve started preparing it in a very last minute. Unfortunately it turned out that my pantry was rather short of ingredients. I found only millet, nuts, milk, flour and desiccated coconut. Result? Healthy rafaello!

Why do we like Australia?

“Do you like Australia?” that is the most common question we’ve been answering for last years. Asked by our family and friends, newly met people and even Australian strangers. The answer is always the same – we genuine love it!

Green nectarine smoothie/Koktajl z nektarynką

Nectarine smoothie

What’s the perfect way to start a day? Green smoothie! Nothing beats a huge vitamin bomb, giving your body energy early in the morning.

Placuszki ze słodkich ziemniaków/Sweet potato pancakes

Sweet potato pancakes with baked cabbage and bacon

I can easily say, sweet potato is the one of my favourite veggies. I use it so often in my kitchen. Not only for its delicious taste, but also because it is really healthy. Just imagine how happy I was, when my kitchen experiment, involving sweet potatoes, was successful. This time pancakes were my target. Result, simply marvellous! Cannot recommend enough 🙂