Sides and salads

Ryż kalafiorowy/Cauliflower rice
Sides and salads

Cauliflower rice

What is the best way to squeeze more vegetable into your diet? Any ideas? Maybe you have something in your mind? For me, besides putting lots of veggies into my morning smoothie, using cauliflower instead of grains is another great way. Especially cauliflower rice 🙂

Sałatka z jarmużem/Kale salad
Sides and salads

Kale salad

One of our favourite sides for bbq is kale salad. Every time I’m preparing it, I wonder if it will be enough for everybody, because it always disappears so quickly. And on top of that, kale salad tastes really good, and even those who are sceptic about healthy eating love it.

Kalafiorowe skrzydełka/Cauliflower wings
Lunch/Dinner, Sides and salads

Cauliflower wings

Breaded wings are the one of most popular foods you can get in a famous chain serving fast foods. My cauliflower wings are much more healthy and can be eaten without the guilt 😉 Perfect as a snack, but we also love to have them with dinner 🙂

Batatowe kostki/Baked sweet potato cubes
Sides and salads

Baked sweet potato cubes

If I had to choose food, I can’t imagine my diet without, a sweet potato would be on the top of the list. One of the simplest way of serving, is to cut them into cubes and bake in the oven. Nothing complicated about that, you have my word 😉