Month: July 2017

Sweet treats


Halva always was one of our favourite sweet treat, which we truly missed after moving to Sydney. Unfortunately, it is not as popular here in Australia. Fortunately, the recipe for homemade halva turned out to be dead simple.

Czekoladowe babeczki dla alergików (bezglutenowe, bez nabiału, bez cukru rafinowanego)/Allergy-friendly chocolate cupcakes (gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free)
Sweet treats

Allergy-friendly chocolate cupcakes

Not that long ago, before I’ve been diagnosed with autoimmune disease, one of my passions was baking sweets, especially cakes and cupcakes. The additional fun was to decorate them. And apparently, I was quite good in it 😉 Chocolate cupcakes were one of my first healthy experimental creations I’ve managed to make. In addition, very successful 🙂

Zdrowe nuggetsy z kurczaka/Healthy chicken nuggets

Healthy chicken nuggets

Healthy chicken nuggets, popular fast food, in a new form! You can eat them without any guilt. Whaaat? Well, first of all, they are being baked, not deep fried, how it’s usually done. Additionally, they are coated with linseeds and sesame.

Owsianka czekoladowa ze śliwkami/ Chocolate plum porridge

Chocolate plum porridge

After a successful experiment with chocolate orange porridge, my Porridge Monster asked me to create a new flavour with cacao in role. But… that wasn’t the only requirement. Dried plums have been pointed as a second ingredient. So, let’s do it!