Month: January 2018

Zielone curry z kurczakiem i warzywami/Green curry with chicken and veggies

Green curry with chicken and veggies

Guess what we have for dinner tonight! Ready for this… green curry! Creamy with a hint of coconut but also a little bit spicy sauce is a wonderful addition to chicken. Handful of broccoli, green beans and peas will definitely help you boost up the amount of veggies in your diet.

Australia Day

National Day of Australia

Today is 26th of January, a public holiday. It’s a time full of joy, smiles, fun and meetings with family and friends. This is because today is a National Day of Australia. One of the most important days in a year in the Aussie land, celebrated in a truly Australian way.

Ryż kalafiorowy/Cauliflower rice
Sides and salads

Cauliflower rice

What is the best way to squeeze more vegetable into your diet? Any ideas? Maybe you have something in your mind? For me, besides putting lots of veggies into my morning smoothie, using cauliflower instead of grains is another great way. Especially cauliflower rice 🙂