Month: January 2020


The Ultimate Sydney Travel Guide

When visiting Australia, it’s hard to not include Sydney on a list of places to see. There aren’t many people who will say “no” to seeing the most iconic opera house in the world. It’s good to remember that Sydney is much more than just a building with really characteristic roof. The […]
Beetroot grapefruit smoothie/Koktajl buraczano-grejpfrutowy

Beetroot grapefruit smoothie

Smoothie recipes are the most frequent ones on the blog. There’s totally nothing weird about it as they are my favourite brekkie and I love starting the day by drinking them. Nutritious and so tasty breakfast drink is my kind of everyday ritual which I love very much. Even during days when […]

10 things to do when visiting Darwin

Darwin is a city located in Australia’s Northern Territory, its capital city to be specific and main port on Timor Sea. One thing is sure… it’s far away from everything, in the middle of nowhere. Most of the people visiting it come here looking for an adventures on Aussie Outback, the […]