Month: November 2019

Babeczki cytrynowo-kokosowe nadziewane dżemem truskawkowym/Lemon coconut cupcakes with strawberry jam
Sweet treats

Lemon coconut cupcakes with strawberry jam

Lemon coconut cupcakes are a perfect dessert for lemon fans. These beauties are dense and moist like a sponge cake. Plus, they are really refreshing. You can taste an amazing mix of sour and sweet flavour coming from lemon and coconut. They are absolutely delicious. Especially with strawberry jam that brings it […]
Koktajl borówkowo-dyniowy/Pumpkin blueberry smoothie
Breakfast, Drinks/Smoothies

Pumpkin blueberry smoothie

Pumpkin is still in season so what could be better than using this lovely veggie in your brekkie? This time I have for you a beautiful smoothie packed with a huge number of vitamins. It’s not only refreshing but also sweet. Thanks to natural sweetness coming from pumpkin, blueberries, coconut water and spices, […]