The Ultimate Sydney Travel Guide

When visiting Australia, it’s hard to not include Sydney on a list of places to see. There aren’t many people who will say “no” to seeing the most iconic opera house in the world. It’s good to remember that Sydney is much more than just a building with really characteristic roof. The […]

10 things to do when visiting Darwin

Darwin is a city located in Australia’s Northern Territory, its capital city to be specific and main port on Timor Sea. One thing is sure… it’s far away from everything, in the middle of nowhere. Most of the people visiting it come here looking for an adventures on Aussie Outback, the […]
Litchfield National Park Florence Falls

6 places worth seeing in Litchfield National Park

While visiting Australian Northern Territory we had to check out one of its national parks. They are different to the ones we know so well from New South Wales with their more desert landscape and red-green colours. The Kakadu National Park is more popular among tourists but locals actually prefer […]
Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay and the dark side of cliffs

Not that long ago I took you for a virtual walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. I was really happy seeing that you liked it so much. That’s why I’ve decided to “organise” another trip, this time around Watsons Bay, formerly home for Aboriginal people of Cadigal. The path will be slightly […]
6 km spacer w raju, czyli trasa z Bondi do Coogee/6 km of paradise, Bondi – Coogee Coastal Walk

6 km of paradise, Bondi – Coogee Coastal Walk

There are walks, which you could repeat every day, admiring stunning sights and enjoying each step. Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk is definitely in that group. The path is located in Eastern Sydney suburbs and it is definitely amongst our favourite tracks. The view is always amazing no matter the […]
Uluru - część czwarta przygód na pustyni/Uluru and Aussie outback in 5 days – part four

Uluru and Aussie outback in 5 days – part four

We decide to take this day really easy. No waking up before the dawn or watching sunrise. No rush with anything. Just enjoyment of brekkie and morning tea. After last adventures, long drives and treks we decide to regenerate. All that because the longest route still awaits us. 11 kilometres […]
Kata Tjuta - Przygody na pustyni część trzecia/Kata Tjuta - Uluru and Aussie outback in 5 days

Kata Tjuta – Uluru and Aussie outback in 5 days

It’s 4 am in the morning. Still dark outside. Dingoes’ howling disrupts the quiet of the night. I wake up frightened and immediately feel relief we are not sleeping in a tent. I think this is a sign for me to stop reading so many books about werewolves. Lesson learned. But what now? Time to […]