Month: November 2017

Sculpture by the Sea 2017

Sculpture by the Sea

Not that long ago we had a sculpture exhibition in Sydney called Sculpture by the Sea. It is quite unique thanks to not only outdoor scenery, but mainly because of its location. To be specific, the most famous walk from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach is filled with masterpieces made by […]
Placuszki dyniowe z burakami i marchewką/Pumpkin pancakes with beetroot and carrot
Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner

Pumpkin pancakes with beetroot and carrot

Spring is finally here in Australia and pumpkins are still in season, moreover they are available for a decent price. That’s awesome! I decided to take this opportunity and make some pumpkin puree, which I can later use for my kitchen experiments. This time it is a turn for pumpkin pancakes with beetroot and carrot salad.