Month: June 2017

Wołowe pulpety z cukinią/Beef meatballs with zucchini

Beef meatballs with zucchini

Meatballs with veggies are an amazing way of hiding healthy ingredients, which usually aren’t on the favourite list of your lil’ ones (well sometimes even these big ones too 🙂 ). It is also a great idea for increasing the amount of vegetables in your diet.

Miska lunchowa/Leftover lunch bowl

Leftover lunch bowl

Leftover lunch bowl is a simply and healthy way to use any leftovers you have in your fridge. Great way to save your precious time, and a perfect meal for busy people. Don’t worry, eating leftovers doesn’t need to be boring. Just use your imagination and you can create delicious meals.

Sos kolendrowo-szczypiorkowy/Coriander and chive dressing

Coriander and chive dressing

Who needs store bought dressings when you can prepare your own? For sure not me, and I hope neither do you 😉 The secret is to put all ingredients into the blender and whiz ’em up. Can it get any easier?

Smoothie bowl z ananasem/Pineapple smoothie bowl
Breakfast, Drinks/Smoothies

Pineapple smoothie bowl

If you’re looking for a quick way to have a little bit of tropical vibes in your day, adding a pineapple to your smoothie is the best idea ever! How about trying this time, a smoothie bowl? Ohhh yeah, please! Healthy and full of flavour bowl is fantastic as a brekkie, dessert or even lunch! Nomnomnom! Delish!

Owsianka z jabłkiem/Apple porridge

Apple porridge

Right now, we have a winter down here in Australia. Truth said, it is way less harsh than the polish one, but mornings can give some chills. Everything because majority of buildings lack proper insulation. Some days, leaving the comfort of warm bed in the morning, is the last thing we want to do. When we finally get up, we want two things, hot shower and warming up brekkie. The number one for this job is the apple porridge. Warms one up like nothing else!

Lodowe ciasto snickers (paleo)/Paleo raw snickers cake
Sweet treats

Paleo raw snickers cake

It looks like it is a common misunderstanding, that transitioning to healthy diet means saying bye bye to sweet treats. The key to success here is to carefully choose the healthier and more stomach friendly options. Healthy eating means being conscious of what you eat. That’s why the easiest and most of the times, the cheapest way is to make treats by yourself.

Vivid Festival 2017

Vivid Festival – 2017

For the last two weeks after the sunset, Sydney is covered with magnificent and magical colours. The city turns into a Wonderland, filled with histories told by lights. Everything, because of the Vivid Festival – the festival of light, music and ideas.

Pieczony pasztet/Baked pate
Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner

Baked pate

One of the most important things in the healing journey is keeping the diet rich in nutrients, this also includes eating organ meats from pasture-raised animals. I’ve never been a fan of cooked liver, but I’ve always loved pate. Unfortunately, the traditional Polish baked pate contains bread crumbs, which is unfortunately inadvisable in my diet. But… I haven’t given up and I have created my own, gluten-free version. We were eating it like there was no tomorrow! Super Yummy!!!