Sides and salads

Kalafiorowe skrzydełka/Cauliflower wings
Lunch/Dinner, Sides and salads

Cauliflower wings

Breaded wings are the one of most popular foods you can get in a famous chain serving fast foods. My cauliflower wings are much more healthy and can be eaten without the guilt 😉 Perfect as a snack, but we also love to have them with dinner 🙂

Batatowe kostki/Baked sweet potato cubes
Sides and salads

Baked sweet potato cubes

If I had to choose food, I can’t imagine my diet without, a sweet potato would be on the top of the list. One of the simplest way of serving, is to cut them into cubes and bake in the oven. Nothing complicated about that, you have my word 😉

Masło orzechowe/Cashew nut butter
Breakfast, Sides and salads

Homemade cashew butter

Although you can get nut butter in most supermarkets, usually it is not only nuts, but also sugar, emulsifiers and other not so healthy ingredients. It’s easier to control what goes in it when you make it at home. Besides, this is way cheaper, very easy to prepare and you need only one ingredient!

Pyszna lekka sałatka/Delicious light salad
Sides and salads

Delicious light salad

It is not a secret, that veggies should be a main component of our diet. But what does “main component” mean? Should I eat them with all my meals? Well the answer is: yes! At least try to make that happen.

Mashed sweet potatoes/Puree z batatów
Sides and salads

Mashed sweet potatoes/Sweet potato purée

Sweet potatoes are an amazing alternative for normal potatoes. Besides being an awesome source of carbohydrates and fiber, they are very nutritious. Did you know, that 100 g of sweet potatoes satisfies your daily need of vitamin A? They also contain vitamin C, B5, B6, iron and manganese. And what’s best, they have amazing flavour. Today, I present you a recipe for a sweet potato puree.

Pieczona kapusta/Baked cabbage
Sides and salads

Baked cabbage

Getting bored with all these repetitive sides? How long can you eat a salad or potatoes 😉 I have for you a delicious idea for a veggie side, made from a baked cabbage. Dead simple, nutritious and exquisite. Highly recommend!