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Sałatka z jarmużem/Kale salad
Sides and salads

Kale salad

One of our favourite sides for bbq is kale salad. Every time I’m preparing it, I wonder if it will be enough for everybody, because it always disappears so quickly. And on top of that, kale salad tastes really good, and even those who are sceptic about healthy eating love it.

Wołowe pulpety z cukinią/Beef meatballs with zucchini

Beef meatballs with zucchini

Meatballs with veggies are an amazing way of hiding healthy ingredients, which usually aren’t on the favourite list of your lil’ ones (well sometimes even these big ones too 🙂 ). It is also a great idea for increasing the amount of vegetables in your diet.

Sos kolendrowo-szczypiorkowy/Coriander and chive dressing

Coriander and chive dressing

Who needs store bought dressings when you can prepare your own? For sure not me, and I hope neither do you 😉 The secret is to put all ingredients into the blender and whiz ’em up. Can it get any easier?

Pieczony pasztet/Baked pate
Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner

Baked pate

One of the most important things in the healing journey is keeping the diet rich in nutrients, this also includes eating organ meats from pasture-raised animals. I’ve never been a fan of cooked liver, but I’ve always loved pate. Unfortunately, the traditional Polish baked pate contains bread crumbs, which is unfortunately inadvisable in my diet. But… I haven’t given up and I have created my own, gluten-free version. We were eating it like there was no tomorrow! Super Yummy!!!

Drobiowe pulpety z marchewką/Chicken meatballs with carrot

Chicken carrot meatballs

Scrumptious, gluten-free meatballs. And on top of that, they are baked, which makes them healthier for your body. If you have friends or family coming for dinner, my advice – double the servings! These are so delicious, they will be gone before you know it 😉