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Zdrowe warzywa z patelni/Healthy stir-fry veggies

Healthy stir-fry veggies

To prepare delicious stir fry veggies you do not need to buy the ready frozen meal. You can definitely use the fresh ones! In my kitchen everything is quite simple. Usually I just open the fridge and decide what goes on the pan. This time I chose cabbage, radishes, broccolini and spinach.

Smoothie z burakiem i grejpfrutem/Grapefruit beetroot smoothie

Grapefruit beetroot smoothie

Do you like grapefruits? I personally love them. I could eat these fruits over and over. In desserts, smoothies, salads, teas or even the fruit on its own as a healthy snack. This time I decided to throw it into my brekkie. A tart-sweet smoothie packed with a huge amount of vitamin C and fibre stole […]
Czekoladowe kulki mocy/Chocolate bliss balls

Chocolate bliss balls

Chocolatey and insanely delicious, these healthy Chocolate Bliss Balls are vegan and paleo! And you know what? They are made with only FOUR ingredients! You also need just a few minutes to make these blissful snacks.

Migdałowo-czekoladowa przekąska z jabłkiem/Almond chocolate apple snack

Almond chocolate apple snack

I discovered this genius snack during my class about nutrition and healthy food. The recipe for almond chocolate apple snack was given to us by one of my teachers who also was kind enough to let us try it. I just needed one bite and… I felt in love with this apple […]
Masło migdałowe - Jak zrobić masło migdałowe w kilka minut/Almond butter - How to make almond butter in few minutes

Almond butter – How to make almond butter in few minutes

Recipe for cashew butter is already on the blog. So, it’s finally time for homemade almond butter. I like having it in my pantry as this is a great ingredient for desserts, smoothies, pancakes, dressings and hummus. Also, when I have some week moments for snacking and just can’t stay away from the […]
Zielony koktajl ze śliwką/Plum green smoothie

Plum green smoothie

What’s the best way to use plums when they are in season? Make the smoothie with them! Plums are very nutritious low-calorie food. One medium-size plum is packed with only 36 calories. I’ve never been an advocate of dieting but this fruit is very good for people who want to […]
Twelve Apostles

Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles in one day?

We’ve heard a lot about Great Ocean Road (GOR). We’ve seen countless photos promoting this place and were dreaming about seeing it one day with our own eyes. Almost everyone advices that this trip should not be done in one day. But when we finally got an opportunity to see it, we had maybe 12 hours top. So, what did we do? Well, we unanimously decided that it’s better to see it in turbo mode rather than not see it at all.

Koktajl dyniowo-buraczany/Pumpkin beetroot smoothie

Pumpkin beetroot smoothie

I’m well aware that sometimes it’s hard to convince people to add a raw beetroot into their meals. Especially smoothies. But you’ll never know till you try ; ) I said many times here that it took me a while to get the courage and add the beetroot to my morning smoothie. I haven’t regretted it even once. This veggie is now a quite often guest in my kitchen. So, what would you say? Are you brave enough to try it as well?

10 rzeczy, które warto zrobić w Melbourne/10 things to do in Melbourne

10 things to do in Melbourne

Are you going to Australia soon? Melbourne should definitely be on everyone’s list of things worth visiting. Below, you can find a mini guide with our list of top 10 things to do in this city.

Tort kokosowy z truskawkami (bez glutenu, bez cukru)/Strawberry birthday cake (gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free)

Strawberry birthday cake (gluten-free, sugar-free)

I wrote many times on the blog, that creating healthy and more tummy friendly treats gives me so much joy. But the thing I really enjoy the most is the process of decorating those creations. Especially birthday cakes which let me show my skills. This is why I am always the first one with my hand up when someone’s birthday is approaching.