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Beetroot grapefruit smoothie/Koktajl buraczano-grejpfrutowy

Beetroot grapefruit smoothie

Smoothie recipes are the most frequent ones on the blog. There’s totally nothing weird about it as they are my favourite brekkie and I love starting the day by drinking them. Nutritious and so tasty breakfast drink is my kind of everyday ritual which I love very much. Even during days when […]
Zielony koktajl ze śliwką/Plum green smoothie
Breakfast, Drinks/Smoothies

Plum green smoothie

What’s the best way to use plums when they are in season? Make the smoothie with them! Plums are very nutritious low-calorie food. One medium-size plum is packed with only 36 calories. I’ve never been an advocate of dieting but this fruit is very good for people who want to […]
Koktajl z gruszką/Pear smoothie
Breakfast, Drinks/Smoothies

Refreshing pear smoothie

When it comes to breakfast, smoothies are the champion if you ask me. They are my “go to” for kickstarting another day. Because nothing beats that nutritious kick in the morning. Some will say that I am addicted to them. And you know what? They are absolutely right 😉 Today’s idea is a smoothie which will nourish your body when it’s cold or offer some truly refreshing brekkie when temperatures hit the peak.

Koktajl z burakiem/Betroot smoothie
Breakfast, Drinks/Smoothies

Beetroot smoothie

Beetroot smoothie experiment! First time on the blog 😉 I need to admit it took me almost a year before I gathered the courage to add beetroot to my morning smoothie. Now I know I was so wrong! Beetroot smoothie tastes amazing!

Malinowy koktajl/Raspberry smoothie
Breakfast, Drinks/Smoothies

Raspberry smoothie

One of the simple steps to changing your dietary habits is introducing veggie-fruity smoothies to your menu. They are amazingly tasty and deliver huge amount of nutrients to our bodies. This time I’ve got for you a raspberry smoothie. Delicious!

Smoothie bowl z ananasem/Pineapple smoothie bowl
Breakfast, Drinks/Smoothies

Pineapple smoothie bowl

If you’re looking for a quick way to have a little bit of tropical vibes in your day, adding a pineapple to your smoothie is the best idea ever! How about trying this time, a smoothie bowl? Ohhh yeah, please! Healthy and full of flavour bowl is fantastic as a brekkie, dessert or even lunch! Nomnomnom! Delish!