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Zdrowe warzywa z patelni/Healthy stir-fry veggies

Healthy stir-fry veggies

To prepare delicious stir fry veggies you do not need to buy the ready frozen meal. You can definitely use the fresh ones! In my kitchen everything is quite simple. Usually I just open the fridge and decide what goes on the pan. This time I chose cabbage, radishes, broccolini and spinach.

Smoothie z burakiem i grejpfrutem/Grapefruit beetroot smoothie
Breakfast, Drinks/Smoothies

Grapefruit beetroot smoothie

Do you like grapefruits? I personally love them. I could eat these fruits over and over. In desserts, smoothies, salads, teas or even the fruit on its own as a healthy snack. This time I decided to throw it into my brekkie. A tart-sweet smoothie packed with a huge amount of vitamin C and fibre stole […]
Drobiowe pulpety z marchewką/Chicken meatballs with carrot

Chicken carrot meatballs

Scrumptious, gluten-free meatballs. And on top of that, they are baked, which makes them healthier for your body. If you have friends or family coming for dinner, my advice – double the servings! These are so delicious, they will be gone before you know it 😉