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Czekoladowe babeczki nadziewane dżemem borówkowym/Chocolate cupcakes with blueberry jam

Chocolate cupcakes with blueberry jam

Not that long ago our friends’ second son was born. This meant a welcome party for a new family member. For that occasion, I’ve prepared chocolate cupcakes with blueberry jam filling. They turned out marvelous. All guests were very impressed. What’s more, they were really surprised when they learnt it was a much healthier version of this popular sweet treat.

Lody o smaku mango z jogurtem/Mango yoghurt popsicles

Mango yoghurt popsicles

Today I have for you super easy, 2 ingredients only, delicious mango yoghurt popsicles. Can there be anything better than a tropical heaven during hot days? No? So don’t wait, let’s make the amazing ice cream!

Bezglutenowe kopytka z dynii/Gluten-free pumpkin gnocchi

Gluten-free pumpkin gnocchi

If you like gnocchi and pumpkin is in season then this recipe will be perfect for you! It would be a huge shame not to use this healthy veggie when it’s still available. I have to admit that this year I started experimenting with pumpkin quite soon. First in the line were gnocchi. They have a fantastic flavour!

Sculpture by the Sea 2017

Sculpture by the Sea

Not that long ago we had a sculpture exhibition in Sydney called Sculpture by the Sea. It is quite unique thanks to not only outdoor scenery, but mainly because of its location. To be specific, the most famous walk from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach is filled with masterpieces made by […]

Placuszki dyniowe z burakami i marchewką/Pumpkin pancakes with beetroot and carrot

Pumpkin pancakes with beetroot and carrot

Spring is finally here in Australia and pumpkins are still in season, moreover they are available for a decent price. That’s awesome! I decided to take this opportunity and make some pumpkin puree, which I can later use for my kitchen experiments. This time it is a turn for pumpkin pancakes with beetroot and carrot salad.


Is Canberra really as boring as everyone says?

As some may think, the capital of Australia is not Sydney, this title belongs to located nearby Canberra. Nearby… a 280 km “close” to the south west from the most popular Aussie city. But trust us, in Down Under, this distance is not considered as a large one.

Zielony koktajl z ananasem/Green smoothie with pineapple

Pineapple green smoothie

Nourishing smoothie, a perfect way to start a day. Fast and dead easy option to satisfy your morning hunger. This time it is a pineapple’s turn, thanks to it the smoothie is light, refreshing, with distinct flavour. Accompanied by green veggies it really works out great 🙂

Bananowe babeczki (bez glutenu, bez cukru)/Banana cupcakes

Banana cupcakes

Recently I came up with an idea to make cupcakes and decorate them like mini cakes 😉 I had some bananas, grounded almonds and buckwheat flour. I’ve added few eggs, spices and the experiment turned into quite cool cupcakes 🙂

Pesto bazyliowe (paleo)/Basil pesto (paleo)

Basil pesto (paleo)

Basil pesto is one of the most popular additions to pasta. Preparation takes only few minutes. It’s so easy to make that even the biggest rookie can handle the cooking.