Sculpture by the Sea 2017

Sculpture by the Sea

Not that long ago we had a sculpture exhibition in Sydney called Sculpture by the Sea. It is quite unique thanks to not only outdoor scenery, but mainly because of its location. To be specific, the most famous walk from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach is filled with masterpieces made by artists from around the globe. The exhibition is so popular it attracts a huge number of tourists, not only from Australia but also from overseas. In our opinion this is a very interesting event, for sure worth seeing. Especially when there are no entry fees 😉 The views are just amazing, and additionally you can participate in a very iconic event. It’s worth to remember though, that the location will be swamped with people during weekends. So, if you prefer to have a quiet and peaceful walk, we recommend to go there during the week.

This year 21st edition was held, with over 100 sculptures being displayed. First edition took place in 1997. Here some moments from this year’s Sculpture by the Sea:


Couple of photos from last year:


And to finish, flashback to 2015:

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