Świąteczne Sydney/Christmas Sydney

Christmas Sydney – Christmas palms and sunbathing Santas

Christmas in Australia are different than the one in Poland. Despite it’s being our forth holiday season here since we moved to the Aussie land, we are still not used to it. Christmas decorations look strange surrounded with what we can see outside. And you see Sun, not a single sign of snow. People are dressed for beach, they don’t wear a winter hat, warm scarf or jacket. Palms around instead of pines. The landscape is a little bit “greener” than the typical winter view with everything covered in white snow. That is shortly how holiday season looks in Australia. So how do Christmas trees and Santa Clauses present with this background? Well a little bit funny, don’t you think? 😉

Świąteczne Sydney/Christmas SydneySydney looks “ready for Xmas” since a good couple of weeks. To continue the tradition, St Mary’s Cathedral is illuminated with breathtaking light shows. You can spot cars with reindeer antlers and red nose at the front. Houses in neighbourhood are decorated with colourful lights, one prettier than another. Queen Victoria Building got its Swarovski Christmas tree. And you can meet people wearing Santa hats on a beach.

Świąteczne Sydney/Christmas SydneyAnd here’s how it looks through camera lens:

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